We are professional linguists and facilitators

Our Services


Fasiconnect has been providing documents translation services to mining companies, academic institutions, nonprofit organisations and private individuals for the past 10 years.
Our expertise ranges from diverse business documentation:

  • Legal documents
  • Social impact assessment
  • Academic researches
  • Annual reports
  • Conference notes
  • Social surveys
  • Web content
  • Media outlets

Our team is enriched with professional linguists and sworn translators who are either native or have been involved in projects across the African continent.


It takes more than being bilingual to master the art of interpreting. This is why we make sure to provide our clients with a qualified and experienced interpreter with knowledge on the sector or subject in discussion.

We offer three main types of interpreting:

  • Consecutive interpreting: Used when there are only two languages involved. Each time the speaker finishes a sentence or paragraph they pause so that the interpreter can translate. This is ideal for small meetings and Skype or conference calls.
  • Liaison interpreting: More relaxed and flexible form of consecutive interpreting that is particularly useful for groups of fewer than four people such as executive visits or interview situations.
  • Simultaneous interpreting: Normally used in situations where there are large numbers of people and more than two languages are spoken, such as at a conference or seminar. The interpreters sit in soundproof booths and the groups use headsets – interpreting equipment kits.
Facilitation & Organising

FASICONNECT enables communities to work more effectively and achieve synergy.

We contribute in local forum and structures in the city to ensure that the process of interaction and integration between local and alien communities in the city are well achieved.

We support people, businesses and community to do their best thinking and practice. Our facilitation encourages full participation, promotes mutual understanding, cultivates shared responsibility and raise awareness on culture which embodies language, food and values. We do this through cultural events, festivals and corporate workshops.

You can hire in addition:

Do you have a conference and need interpretation kits for a group speaking more than one language? Contact Us.

Interpretation kits for hire
We rent simultaneous interpretation equipment

Are you traveling to Africa for work and need a guide who can interpret? Let us know and we will hook you up.

Tour guide/interpreter
We can provide a guide for your business trip

Do you want to hold a speech in a language other than which you are familiar with? Let us fill up your cup, and you impress your audience.

Speech writing
We have speech writers ready to assist you