About FasiConnect Translation and Interpreting

FasiConnect is a Johannesburg based service company registered under the South Africa law since 2008. FasiConnect translation and interpreting provides a range of services: prospective business assistance into Africa mainly francophone, on-site interpretation and document translation service (French, English and Swahili as well as translation in other African languages).

FasiConnect Translation service involves diverse business documentation:

  • Social impact assessment
  • Academic researches
  • Public facilitation
  • Community engagement
  • Social surveys
  • Web content
  • Media outlets

FasiConnect has a grassroot network of people and organisations across the continent which constitutes the pillar of its services. Fasiconnect has been providing its services to mining companies, NGOs and academic institutions for the past 7 years.

The organisation expertise ranges from humanities and social sciences, geology, law, business development, research and media background. Our translators and Interpreters are either native or been involved in project within countries such as Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Congo Brazzaville, Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, DR Congo and South Africa.

We know extensively the business environment in these countries and have the ability and expertise to meet your needs.