FasiConnect works on diverse documents ranging from annual reports, social impact assessment, academic researches, public facilitation, community engagement, social surveys, web content, etc. We provide document translation in Swahili and French to English and vice-versa as well as translation in African languages spoken within countries of our focus.

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Business Prospect

FasiConnect has a grassroot network of people and organisations across the continent which constitutes the pillar of its services. The organisation is therefore in a position to arrange for a Interpreter when needs arise for introductory business meetings, workshops and touring guide.


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Our Services

Why FasiConnect? Your French translation will only ever be carried out by translators who demonstrate experience in the subject matter of your original document. A dedicated Interpreter, who is also an experienced linguist, will be assigned on-site to your event or project. We will supply you with accurate French translation you can use immediately in exactly the same format in which you gave it to us.